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Oldfield Park Junior School (Bath) WW1 Memorial Project

St Matthew

(Widcombe, Bath) 

WW1 Memorial

St Matthews Memorial

No details can be found of any unveiling/dedication ceremony for this fine memorial tablet, which is in on the south wall of the body of the church.

This church is now used by the Orthodox Church as well as by the Church of England. 

The  inscription reads:

To the Glory of God
and in
Loving Memory
of our
Honoured Dead of this Parish
who nobly laid down their lives
in the Great War 1914-1919 for
God, King & Country

Thy Kingdom Come - St Matt. VI 10

Lieutenant-Colonel J. H. M. Hardyman MC
Lieutenant-Colonel E. de V. Wintle
Surgeon. F. W. T. Clemens
Lieutenant H. F. Baggs
Lieutenant W. Dent-Young 
Lieutenant K. V. McKean
2nd Lieutenant W. H. Duckworth
2nd Lieutenant J. L. K. Richards
Flight Cadet Bladwell S.F.
Sergeant-Major Langbridge C. D.
Sgt. Bristow D. (also on Widcombe Baptist)
Sgt. Holley F. W.
Sgt. Smith H.T.
Corporal Bradford S.
Corporal Bristow H.
Corporal Harris C.
Corporal Viles C.
Corporal Young F.
Lance-Corporal Ball F. W.
Lance-Corporal Hole C. E.
Lance-Corporal Robbins W.
Lance-Corporal Webber A. E. 
Lance-Corporal West. E
Bombardier Charlton F. C. O.
Bombardier Russell G. H.
Bombardier Smith A. G.
Driver Ridewood S.
Sapper Wallace A.
Sapper Wyatt S. J.
Leading Seaman Bull F. H.
Leading Stoker Ball J. C.
Stoker Gillard W. 
Stoker Ridewood W.
Private Ashman E. J.
Private Barnes G. K.
Private Billett H.
Private Boulton H. S.
Private Boyce W. P.
Private Brooke E.
Private Brown W. J.
Private Brown W. W.
Private Buck E. E.
Private Butt A. H.
Private Courtney C. Q.
Private Dent-Young J. H.
Private Derrick F. C.
Private Dixon R.
Private Doman F.
Private Dury W. H.
Private Eades F.
Private Everard C.
Private Everard G. 
Private Farmer C. C.
Private Flower A.
Private Frost C. S.
Private Gibbons J. R.
Private Goodson F.T.
Private Gould C. T.
Private Grant E. J.
Private Hobbs F. C.
Private Holland W.
Private Holley A. C.
Private Hooper R.
Private How H. J.
Private Hurley J.
Private Iles H. C.
Private Iles R. W.
Private Iles J.
Private James H.
Private Jenkins E. H.
Private Keeling G.
Private Kerslake W. L.
Private King E. H. G.
Private Leppard J.
Private Lidiard W. G. [should be Liddiard]
Private Millard A. E.
Private Morgan F.
Private Odey J. H.
Private Pearce M.G.
Private Platt. E
Private Rivett A.G.
Private Roberts G.M.
Private Roswell R.
Private Shipp H. T.
Private Stone G.
Private Stone W. L.
Private Stoyle A. W.
Private Taylor S. H.
Private Thurston E. C.
Private Tiley J.
Private Tucker A.
Private Tucker F. C.
Private Waldon A. E.
Private Waldron A. S. E.
Private Wingrove W. H.
Private Woodman J. E.
Air Mechanic Chivers J. S.

The memorial also bears the names of 26 servicemen from the parish killed in WW2, 1939-45:
  • Lance-Corporal Adams C.
  • Private Allen A. J. 
  • Flight Sergeant Allen D.
  • Sergeant Ashman A. C. 
  • Flight Officer Breakwell R.
  • Driver Burgess L. C.
  • Gunner Clark W. H. 
  • Surgeon Combstock W. H. 
  • Sapper Davis G. W.
  • Sergeant Drewitt M. A. E. 
  • Private Evans I. T. 
  • Private Graham L. J. A. 
  • Lance-Corporal Hayward D. S. 
  • Trooper Hayward S. T.
  • Sapper Hooper S. G.
  • Aircraftman 1st Class Jones G. L. M.
  • Sergeant Lidiard W. A.
  • Sergeant Miller N. W. C
  • Flight Officer Moody C. L. 
  • Wir. Rice E. G.