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Bathwick St Mary's Church (Bath) 

WW1 Memorials

This main WW1 memorial is on the north wall of the church:

Bathwick St Mary memorial

The selection of the imagery for the memorial was clearly an opportunity for the church to reinforce its catholic leanings within the Church of England.

From Bath Chronicle & Weekly Gazette, Saturday 7th December 1929:


War Memorial Shrine Dedicated 

A handsome War Memorial Shrine has been placed in St. Mary's Church, Bathwick, Bath, by the congregation. It was dedicated by the Rector (Prebendary George Ruck) on Sunday morning. The dedicatory prayers were followed by the singing of "Valiant hearts". The shrine, which stands in the North Aisle, in front of the organ, is of unpolished oak. Upon a richly embellished cross of red and green, on a blue background, is a gilt figure of the Saviour, either sides are panels bearing the names of the 27 members of the church who lost their lives the war.

Inscribed names:

Sydney Uphill
Gerald H. M. Blake
Edward Rossler Beard
Frederick Charlton
Cyril Clack
John Edward L. Clarke
William H. Clarke
Alfred Clavey
Ralph Walter E. Ellis
John Francis Fox
John M. Hardyman
Charles H. E. Head
John William Herd
Ernest Hillier
Louis R. Hillier

R . I . P .

[Somerset coat of arms]
Henry H. F. Turner
Herbert A. Kennedy
Egbert Lewis
Edwin John Long
Charles Miles
John Henry Odey
Reginald C. B. Perkins
William Ridewood
Ronald H. J. Rose
Cyril Shannon
Martin G. Sutton
Francis W. Veal
Reginald Worsley
E. Young

R . I . P .

[Bath coat of arms]

Ralph Walter Elley Ellis

On the opposite wall, adjacent to the doorway through to the church hall, is the individual memorial to Ralph Ellis (also mentioned on the main memorial). This is one of the most attractive war memorials in the city and commemorates one of Britain's early fighter pilots in the Royal Flying Corps. Reports from the time reveal that Lieutenant Ellis was a victim of none other than Manfred von Richthofen, the infamous 'Red Baron'. Ellis was flying with Lieutenant Harold Carver Barlow in 9 Squadron when their plane became the Baron's 53rd victim. 

RWE Ellis Bathwick memorial

RWE Ellis